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Roberta Beach Jacobson

Roberta Beach Jacobson

Born: July 21 1952 in Worcerster Massachusetts, USA
Resides: Indianola, Iowa, USA
E-mail: givebackgiveback (at) yahoo (dot) com

Roberta Beach Jacobson is an American poet and author who is drawn to the magic of words – poetry, song lyrics, flash fiction, puzzles, and stand-up comedy. She edits Cold Moon Journal and Five Fleas Itchy Poetry. After spending 38 years in Europe, she relocated to Indianola, Iowa with her husband and three cats.

Books Published:

Demitasse Fiction: One-Minute Reads for Busy People (Alien Buddha Press, 2023).

Selected Work
pond at dawn frogsplaining
working hard
on a lazy river
wild thyme
the honey
in our tea
major flood
of a single raindrop
ants retreat
woodpecker’s return—
I flip my calendar
to April
written in sand yesterday’s promises


“pond at dawn” – Frogpond Vol. 44:2 Spring/Summer 2021; “working hard” – tsuri-dōrō Issue 18 November/December 2023; “wild thyme” – Frogpond Vol. 42:3 Fall 2019; “major flood; “woodpecker’s return” – Bacopa Literary Review 2019; “written in sand” – Trash Panda Vol. 5 Summer 2023.

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