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Bakhtiyar Amini

Bakhtiyar Amini

Born: March 31 1975 Tajikistan
Resides: Germany
E-mail: bakhtiyaramini (at) gmail (dot) com

Born in Tajikistan; poet and translator, author of three poetry books. He writes haiku and senryu in Russian, Tajik-Persian and English languages.

Awards and Other Honors:

The Heron's Nest Award and Editors' Choice Vol. XXI, No. 4: December 2019.

Books Published:

Nikohe nigah ("Marriage of glances"), 1994, Dushanbe, Tajikistan; Ba dunbale chashmha ("Following my eyes"), 2012, Dushanbe, Tajikistan; Tвоя модная улыбка - haiku and senryu ("Your trendy smile"), 2014, Odessa, Ukraine.

Selected Work
flock of crows
the field by the house
changes color
field of flowers
I am getting off
not at my stop
refugee camp
pork and beef cooking
in one pan
difficult decision
in every direction
wind in the brain
for a minute
merges with the crescent
cross on the dome
you keep staring
the wrong way


“flock of crows” – Haikuniverse, January 18, 2020; “field of flowers” – Presence issue #65, 2020; “refugee camp“– The Heron's Nest Award, The Heron's Nest Vol. XXI, No. 4 December 2019; difficult decision – World Haiku Conference Anthology, 2019; “sunflowers“ and “for a minute“– Akita International Haiku Network, World Haiku Series 2019.

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