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Rick Jackofsky

Rick Jackofsky

Born: 1957 in Albany New York, USA
Resides: Rocky Point, New York, USA
E-mail: roosterick (at) optonline (dot) net

I enjoy reading, writing, and sharing captured moments of clarity.

Selected Work
snapping chalk lines as the crow flies
shadows casting darkness through an open door
an empty birdbath
stretched to the limit
a wave breaks
its silence
clocks ticking
the timeless patter
of spring rain
desert canyon 
the sound of water
written in stone


“snapping“ – Haiku Society of America 2019 Members Anthology; “shadows“ – Honorable Mention 2018 Peggy Willis Lyles Haiku Contest The Heron’s Nest Vol. XX (2018); “filling“ – Autumn Moon Haiku Journal #2:2, Spring/Summer 2019; “stretched to the limit“ – Frogpond vol. 42 #2, Autumn 2019; “clocks ticking” – Frogpond vol. 41 #2, Spring/Summer 2018; “desert canyon“ – Heron’s Nest Vol. XXI #4, December 2019.

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