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Marcyn Del Clements

Marcyn Del Clements

Born: January 01 1940 in Brawley California, USA
Resides: Claremont, California, USA

Marcyn enjoys the outdoors, birding, looking at butterflies and dragonflies. She has been published in Alaska Quarterly Review, Appalachia, Eureka Literary Magazine, Flyway, frogpond, Hollins Critic, Literary Review, Lyric, Sijo West, Snowy Egret, Wind and others, (including about 27 haiku and related genre publications).  She was very excited to be included in the anthology, Ravishing Disunities, Real Ghazals [in English], edited by the late Agha Shahid Ali.

Awards and Other Honors: Winner for Autumn, Volume 17 print edition, The Heron's Nest Illustration Contest (2015); First Place Readers' Choice Favorite of Issue, Haiku Headlines #203 (2015); Winner, "Pen This Painting," [sumi-e by Elizabeth McFarland], cattails (January 2015).

Selected Work
morning mist thinning
through the eucalypt forest
–kookaburra sleeps
through winter trees
from a half-frozen tarn
cry of the loon
pink pickled garlic
sweet soy beans Japanese vendor
wears a cowboy hat
open!  She commands
to the automatic door
--giggles from toddlers
she whispers
sweet nothings into
his hearing aid
ceiling fan revolves
in my glass ice cubes melting
she is gone

Credits: "morning mist thinning" - The Aurorean (2007); "pink pickled garlic" - black bough #4; "she whispers" - Haiku Headlines #203 (February 2005) [First Place Readers' Choice Favorite of Issue]; "through winter trees" – Winner, "Pen This Painting," [sumi-e by Elizabeth McFarland], cattails (January 2015);"open! She commands" - above the tree line, Southern California Haiku Study Group Anthology (2008); "ceiling fan revolves" - Lilliput Review #59 (1994).

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