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Marili Deandrea

Marili Deandrea

Born: December 15 1959 in Torino, Italy
Resides: Torino, Italy
E-mail: titania (at) tin (dot) it

I enjoy writing haiku, reading and learning to play my folk harp. I live with my husband and three very spoiled cats.

Selected Work
spring walk
just me and my
her long hair follows
the wind
the scent of roses
gets visible
midday moon
a deaf child caresses
the grand piano
red gloves—
lost in the fog
I follow my breath
Christmas Eve—
on the hairdresser's face
a hint of tears

Credits: "spring walk" - The Heron's Nest IX:2 (2007); "swelter" - Mainichi Daily News (September 2004); "red gloves" - Mainichi Daily News (December 2004); "funeral" - The Heron's Nest VIII:3 (2006); "midday moon" - The Heron's Nest VII:3 (2005); "Christmas Eve" - The Heron's Nest VII: 1 (2005).

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