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Laurie Greer

Laurie Greer

Born: in Ithaca New York, USA
Resides: Washingon, D.C., USA

Came to haiku only in June 2018, after many years of writing long-form poems and book reviews. Love it for its immediacy and directness; the perfect place to catch what is being lost so quickly—and perhaps stem that tide.

Selected Work
low light
the shades of white
lining the deer’s belly
housecat in her stalking feet
Holy Week
to rite the wrongs
slowing for yellow first daffodils
over California hills
orange poppies
chimes tying the wind in notes


“low light” - Wales Haiku Journal Autumn 2019; “housecat“ - Frogpond Vol. 42.2 Spring-Summer 2019; “Holy Week“ - Modern Haiku Vol. 50.3, Autumn 2019; “slowing“ - Wales Haiku Journal Spring 2019; “wildfires“ - The Heron’s Nest Vol. XXI, No. 3, September 2019; “chimes “ - Wales Haiku Journal Winter 2018.

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