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Dennys Cambarau

Dennys Cambarau

Born: January 14 1974 in Freeport, Bahamas
Resides: San Gavino Monreale, Sardinia, Italy
E-mail: dennyscambarau (at) alice (dot) it

Dennys Cambarau was born in Freeport, in the Bahamas, on 01/14/1974. He studied Law at the Faculty of the same name in Cagliari and lives in San Gavino Monreale, Sardinia. He has written, with Aletti Editore, Alla Luce della Luna (In the light of the moon), 2016; La Voce delle Stelle (The voice of the stars) 2018; Stelle del Mattino (Morning Stars), 2020 his monographic works; several anthologies, including: Words in Fugue: Poets of the New Millennium Comparison - Gwalar; The land of Poetry: three poets in comparison - A Poetry must not Mean, but Be; The Federiciano 2016 - Blue; 2nd Salvatore Quasimodo International Prize, CET Mogol authors school 2018 α; Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Italian Poets 2016 and Italian Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Italian Poets 2019; is present in the anthology Alessandro Quasimodo Reads Contemporary Italian Poets, vol. 4th, of which a beautiful video was masterfully performed by Alessandro Quasimodo himself. With the Mario Luzi’s Foundation, under the patronage of the Senate and the High Presidency of the Republic, the Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Poetry Vol. 6 2015; Encyclopaedia of Italian Poetry Vol. 8 - 2017. Deep admirer of the haiku genre, it was published in Japan in the prestigious anthology Haiku Column, of the University of Tokyo, Haiku University (vol. 5). Other anthologies and monographic books are being published.

Awards and Other Honors:

He won the mention of merit at the 2nd Salvatore Quasimodo International Prize, signed by his son Alessandro Quasimodo, European Center of Toscolano, 1 April 2017; the special mention in the IV CET Competition for Authors of Mogol School, 17-18 February 2018 (he participated in the same Masterclass held by Mogol himself on that occasion); the mention of merit for the International Literary Prize - Poetry Prize of the year 9th edition, year 2016, with La Nebbia, International Literary Prize "Poetry of the Year Award". 10th Edition (Year 2017), Section A, 2nd place with La Luna nel Cortile; first place in the competition with the Kokoro haiku, in the International Prize - Poetry Prize of the year 11th edition; International Literary Prize, first edition, Magna Graecia Award, with The Library, 2018, 3rd National Literary Competition "Open the heart to poetry", Jury Prize, with the lyric La Nebbia, 2018, Italian language section; 2nd, 3rd place and mention of merit for the Italian language in Persephone, Fiori di Poesia (2019). He was sworn in the First National Literary Prize Sul Far della Sera (15-05-2018) and in Il Sabato del Villaggio (17-12-2018).

Selected Work
winter night― 
the kami of the forest never rest
they are back―
pink flamingos in the salt pans
wisteria in bloom―
the scent of my mother on the skin
rapeseed flowers caressed by the wind― 
the white clouds
September 11th―
The embrace of the world in a single cry
new masks
on overused faces―
the carnival 


“winter night“; “they are back“; “wisteria in bloom“; “rapeseed flowers”― Haiku University Anthology ed. Saku publishing Co. Ltd., Japan, Vol. 5, 2019; “September 11th” – Haiku Kai, Japan, Dec. 2019 n° 281; “new masks” – The Mainichi, March 31, 2020.

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