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Zdenka Mlinar

Zdenka Mlinar

Born: October 17 1957 in Sanski Most, Bosnia and Herzegowina
Resides: Velika Gorica, Croatia
E-mail: zdenka (dot) mlinar (at) gmail (dot) com

Zdenka Mlinar lives and works in Zagreb and Velika Gorica, Croatia). She writes poetry, prose and miniatures (aphorisms, haiku). She is a member of many cultural associations and societies and has published four independent collections of poems. She normally writes in Croatian standard, but also takes a challenge of writing in Croatian dialects.
Her poetry and haiku works have been published in many international collections and journals, and in several European anthologies. Some of her poems have been translated into Italian and English, while a dozen of them have become lyrics for music songs. She is publishing her works in electronic media and in various guest appearances and round tables, and for her work she has received a number of letters of appreciation, praise, acknowledgments and diplomas.
She is an active member of social community, participates in art colonies and various charity activities. In 2018 she held a solo art exhibition.

Awards and Other Honors:

2014 - 2nd Prize at haiku competition in Julius Meinl Poetry Cafe in Zagreb; 2016 - Acknowledgment and praise for participation in International haiku competition Blood donation ; 2016 - 3rd Prize at haiku competition 12. BUČIJADA , Ivanić-Grad, Croatia; 2017 - Acknowledgment for 3rd haiku meeting of Pensioners Association Rovinj, Croatia; - 2017 - 2nd Prize for bilingual Anthology of international haiku competition White Stork, Samobor, Croatia; 2017 - 3rd Prize at 22nd haiku competition "Kusamakura".

Books Published: Work Anthologised:

Bilingual collection of selected works from haiku poetry competition themed KABOCHA, 2014-2016, Three Rivers Association, Ivanić-Grad 2016; Bilingual Anthology of Croatian Haiku Poetry Unmown Sky 2 2008-2018, Three Rivers Association, Ivanić-Grad 2018; Bilingual 22nd International Collection of Haiku Works - Ludbreg 2019, Croatia; Anthology of modern poetry and collection of haiku poetry, Creative Workshop BALKAN, Belgrade 2018.

Selected Work
wrinkled hands―
the fisherman patches the net
with his memories
virgin snow―
riding the snowshoes
of my childhood
breath in, breath out
again and again
blink of a heart
my visa to come
to the land of rising sun―
the chrysanthemum
on the back
of a chilled by cold migrant
his granny’s blanket

a fallen leaf
from the school notebook
summer break


“wrinkled hands“ - Third Prize the 22nd International Haiku Competition in "Kusamakura" (2017); “virgin snow“ - The Asahi Shimbun, March 30, 2018; “breath in, breath out“ - The Asahi Shimbun May 26, 2018; “my visa to come“ - The Asahi Shimbun May 3, 2019; “on the back“ - Troutswirl, The Haiku Foundation blog, “Haiku Dialogue” April 6, 2019; “a fallen leaf“ – Troutswirl, The Haiku Foundation blog, “Haiku Dialogue” June 5, 2019.

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