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Luisa Santoro

Luisa Santoro

Born: 1963 Sicily, Italy
Resides: Rome, Lazio, Italy
E-mail: luisasantoro (at) gmail (dot) com

I am an active governmental officer, at present responsible for international relations in the aerospace sector, after twenty years dedicated to employees’ education and professional development.
I have always had a true interest in interpersonal and media communication, particularly with regard to the choice and use of words. So, when I first came into contact with the fascinating haiku poetry, I immediately felt a true attraction that from the Italian language soon extended also to the English one. I am intrigued by the peculiarly light and intense approach and structure to be adopted when writing haiku poems and, since that is also a basic part of my job - if not of everyday life in general, I often find myself composing haiku unconsciously or unexpectedly.
I love both classical and vanguard haiku authors and think that haiku poems represent a powerful form of art that, with a few syllables and by shedding light on single - even minor - details of reality, is capable to hit conscience and trigger reflections on how beautiful and fragile nature, ourselves and our planet as a whole are.

Awards and Other Honors:

NASA contest “Going to Mars with Maven” 2013: Third place; World Haiku Review January 2017‎, section Vanguard Haiku: Honorable mention.

Selected Work
the same seashore―
winter waves unveil 
old memories
on the seashore
sole wind
restless paths 
on each side the footsteps 
of your silence 
an autumn evening―
the sunset mirrors itself
in a robin’s breast
new wine―
the tasteful memory
of a borrowed story
unsure strokes
among wild thoughts
an unsolved riddle


“the same seashore”— Cattails, May 2016; “winter” - the 8th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest - Selected Haiku Submissions Collection, July 2016; “restless paths” – Honorable Mention World Haiku Review Jan. 2017 (Vanguard Haiku); “an autumn evening” — awarded in The Italian Haiku Association (AIH) National Contest Jan. 30, 2016; “new wine” - Troutswirl The Haiku Foundation Blog, Feb. 13, 2019; “unsure strokes” - Troutswirl The Haiku Foundation Blog, July 24, 2019.

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