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David A. Estringel

David A. Estringel

Born: April 11 1969 in Alice Texas, USA
Resides: Brownsville, Texas, USA
E-mail: thebookyman (at) hotmail (dot) com

David Estringel is a reader/writer/poet/bibliophile and Writing Studies teaching assistant at the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley, located in Brownsville, Texas (USA). He received his BA in English in 1992 from the University of Texas at Brownsville and will receive his MAIS in English (concentration in Literature & Cultural Studies) Summer 2020. He will also receive his MFA in Creative Writing in May 2020. He is currently Poetry Editor at Fishbowl Press, Poetry Co-Editor at The Elixir Magazine, and a Contributing Editor (fiction) at Red Fez. In August 219, David was nominated for "Best of the Net" by Cajun Mutt Press for his poem "little deaths".

Awards and Other Honors:

"Artist-in-Residence" at Cajun Mutt Press and The Elixir Magazine.

Books Published:

Indelible Fingerprints - Alien Buddha Press, April 1, 2019).

Selected Work
Like will o’ the wisps
stars dance against a black sky
then fall in my hands
Tow'rs crumble to dust 
erasing names from gravestones 
Time wins in the end
How easily torn
like hanging fruit from the bough
is the willing heart
This deaf’ning silence
tumult of resting heartbeats
becomes our swan song
The scent of your hair―
blue fig, blood orange, and spit―
ling’ring on my thighs
A tangle of limbs
lost in the rapture of touch
I am you, you’re me


“Like will o’ the wisps“ - Three Line Poetry Issue #50, February 2019; “Tow'rs crumble to dust“ - Spit Poet Zine Issue #6, June 2019; “How easily torn“ - Spit Poet Zine Issue #6, June 2019; “This deaf’ning silence“ - Cajun Mutt Press, August 6, 2019; “The scent of your hair“ — Poetry Pea’s “Haiku Pea” podcast (‘erotic’ episode), June 17, 2019; “A tangle of limbs“ - Spit Poet Zine Issue #6, June 2019).

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