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Aljoša Vuković

Aljoša Vuković

Born: May 29 1970 in Šibenik, Croatia
Resides: Šibenik, Croatia
E-mail: ligonbred (at) gmail (dot) com

Aljoša Vuković, writer and musician, was born on May 29 1970 in Šibenik. He writes poetry and riddles for children, as well as haiku, for which he won multiple Croatian and international awards. More than 500 of his riddles and poems were published in children's magazines, textbooks and domestic and international collections of haiku poetry. Also, his haiku poems were published on the haiku foundation and Asahi haikuist page. His works have been published in 17 books and four children's storybooks so far. His haiku has been included in An Unmown Sky 2 Anthology of Croatian haiku poetry 2008 - 2018. He was selected in the European Top 100 haiku authors in 2018. He was published three haiku books. He lives and works in Šibenik.

Selected Work
parrot on my shoulder
my mother´s voice
once again
looking at Fuji
volcano tattoo burning
on my shoulder
in a missile crater
the wind leafs through
the new testament
devastated field
a scarecrow stares
at its weakness
half a melon
a wasp studies diameter
over the foil wrap
beneath the cherry tree
my dog´s grave
becoming beautiful


“parrot on my shoulder” - Second Place, European Quarterly Kukai #17, Spring 2017; “looking at Fuji” - commended, The 7th IAFOR Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award, Japan, 2017; “in a missile crater” - commended, The 8th IAFOR Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award, Japan, 2018; “devastated field” - First Prize, haiku contest Ivanić-Grad, 2018; “half a melon” - Second Prize, International Haiku Contest on the theme of The Gourds; Croatia, 2019; “beneath the cherry tree” - Award for overall performance, The 4th Haiku Contest, Cherry Blossom, Bulgaria, 2019.

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