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Bruce England

Bruce England

Born: 1948 in Wichita Kansas, USA
Resides: Santa Clara, California, USA
E-mail: brengland (at) hotmail (dot) com

Born in Kansas, then spiraled out from there to California by way of Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Michigan and Washington state. Earned a BA in Sociology, with minor in Psychology, and an MLS in Library and Information Science. ABT for MS in Cybernetic Systems. All work done at San José State University. First, professional work was as a Researcher (1973-1988) in the public and private sectors, then as a Librarian (1990-2018) at San José Public Library. Had two, paid summer internships in library school: Apple in 1988 and Hewlett-Packard in 1989. In high school, was on the cross-country team, then the track team (running the 880 or half-mile). As a late-age father, my daughter was born in 1995; she has been a frequent muse. Retired in January 2019.

Interests include: world, Americana, roots and rock music; photography; world-wide films and movies; poetry (outside of Japanese forms); small housing design; cosmology; cybernetics and systems thinking; Zen/Taoism; family genealogy/family DNA; American revolutionary and civil war history; and prehistory/history before the great unification of the world in 1492 and then the discovery, exploration and exploitation of the new world since 1492. And one big question, is how far behind are we in preventing a dramatic dimming of the natural world into something beyond our ability to humanely survive?

Been a member of Haiku Society of America (HSA) since 1998. Work includes haiku (1-3 lines), tanka (4-5 lines), and sedoka (6 lines). Also sequences of separate and mixed forms. Publication in journals include: A Hundred Gourds (online), Acorn, Ambrosia, Atlas Poetica, Bamboo Hut, Bones, Caesura [The Journal of Poetry Center San José], Chrysanthemum (online), Englyn (online), Failed Haiku (online), Moongarlic (online), Moonset, Mu (online), NeverEnding Story (online), Notes from the Gean (online), Presence, Prune Juice (online), Skylark, The Zen Space (online). Work included in at least 44 anthologies: 19 HSA membership anthologies; 8 with Robert Epstein as editor; 2 with Claire Everett as editor; 8 with M. Kei as editor; and 7 with other editors. Some works have been translated by others into Chinese, German and Romanian. Sadly, my long-time friend and co-author, Tony Mariano, died in 2017 from melanoma.

Awards and Other Honors:

Honorable Mention, Harold G. Henderson Contest for Best Unpublished Haiku (2009, Blowing leaves); Selected Poem, Thirty Poems for 30 Days [in April 2010], Poetry About Santa Clara County Contest/Sponsored by Nils Peterson, Poet Laureate of Santa Clara County (April 17, 2010, title of 9-haiku sequence: They Were Too Busy To Watch The Sky); Honourable Mention, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival— Haiku Invitational (2010, Cherry blossoms); 2010 Selected Poem, Turtle Light Press Competition E-Anthology [online] (February 2011, Fourth of July); Noteworthy Mention, Innovative Haiku Category, Haiku Now! Contest sponsored by The Haiku Foundation (2011, Standing naked); Selected Poem for Anthology, Poetry on the Move: Invention: Poems that Celebrate Who We Are and What We Do in Silicon Valley, County of Santa Clara Office of the County Executive’s Office of Public Affairs (2013 “The sun comes up); Selected haiku [and name] saved to special DVD attached to MAVEN spacecraft for launch to Mars, Certificate of Participation from Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics [LASP] for Going to Mars with MAVEN (November 2013, A dome of pudding); Annual Selection of English Haiku Published in Mainichi Daily News, [selections/comments by Isamu Hashimoto, grouped by author/sorted by publication date], (April 10, 2015, Cloudy); Selected Poem [submitted to contest], The Fifth Haiku Contest, organized by Romanian Kukai Group, Sharpening the Green Pencil 2016, The Book of the Contest (2016, A stray dog).

Books Published: Shorelines [with Tony Mariano, aka Melanio] (Concord, California: Small Poetry Press, 1998). Shorelines is available in The Haiku Foundation Digital Library (read here) .

Selected Work
My remote
and green tea
mute the war
One hand clapping―
six crows
in six directions
the passing dark
in the puddles
Sitting, drinking tea
all my focus on
sitting, drinking tea
How quietly
the roses wither―
no screaming here
One good place on earth
dancing with a woman
her eyes closed
In the book of life
you may want to peek
at the end, but
it’s just darkness and
the shoveling of dirt
Sandstone Buddhas sit
no motion disturbs no mind
I prepare my tea
they wipe no mirrors clean
our souls, shifting colored walls

Each day, the wonder―
the great whitening
of the sky
and the shifting shadows
from west to east

Were it possible
to find a dragon
flying inside me
I would hunt large game
running on open ground


“My remote” [derived from Paul Reps] - Modern Haiku 45.2 (Summer 2014); “One hand clapping” [derived from haiku by Jim Kacian] - The Sacred in Contemporary Haiku [Robert Epstein, ed.] (CreateSpace, 2014); “Myself” - fish in love: Haiku Society of America Member’s Anthology [Roberta Beary and Ellen Compton, eds.] (Haiku Society of America, 2006); “Sitting, drinking tea” - flower of another country: Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology [Wanda D. Cook and Linda Porter, eds.] (Haiku Society of America, 2007); “How quietly” - Mu 1 [online] (2011); All the Way Home: Aging in Haiku [Robert Epstein, ed.] (forthcoming 2019); “One good place on earth” - Frogpond 36.3 (Autumn 2013); “In the book of life” - Atlas Poetica 36 (2019); “Sandstone Buddhas sit” [Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park] - Bright Stars 7 [M. Kei, ed.] (Keibooks, 2014); The Sacred in Contemporary Haiku [Robert Epstein, ed.] (CreateSpace, 2014); “Each day, the wonder” - Bright Stars 2 [M. Kei, ed.] (Keibooks, 2014); “Were it possible” - A Hundred Gourds 2.3 (June 2013); Bright Stars 2 [M. Kei, ed.] (Keibooks, 2014).

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