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Edward Cody Huddleston

Edward Cody Huddleston

Born: in Voorhees Township New Jersey, USA
Resides: Baxley, Georgia, USA

Edward Cody Huddleston lives in south Georgia. His days are spent making radio and his nights are spent writing. He volunteers for the Haiku Society of America by helping manage its Facebook and Twitter pages. For him, learning haiku is like learning a language. One day, he hopes to sound like a native speaker!

Awards and Other Honors:

Revista Haiku Contest Award, 2017 - First Place; Shamrock #40, 2018 - Readers' Choice Awards Runner-Up; RESOBOX International Haiku Contest, 2019 - First Place.

Selected Work
lone streetlight
a firefly
flickers back
reading in the park
an autumn leaf volunteers
to be a bookmark
longest day
an extra syllable
in the rooster's crow
from its cocoon
to the spider's web
life of a moth
the lines
she didn't draw
full moon
the wolf
in my dog's voice


“lone streetlight“ - RESOBOX International Haiku Contest, 2019, First Place; “reading in the park“ - Revista Haiku Contest Award, 2017, First Place; “longest day“ - Shamrock #40, 2018, Readers' Choice Awards Runner-Up; “from its cocoon“ - Lynx #28:1, 2013; “self-portrait“ - Presence #57, 2017; “full moon“ - tinywords issue 17.2, 2017.

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