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Elancharan Gunasekaran

Elancharan Gunasekaran

Born: in Singapore, Singapore
Resides: Singapore, Singapore
E-mail: elancharang (at) gmail (dot) com

Elancharan Gunasekaran is a multidisciplinary artist and poet. He resides in Singapore with his family and cat, Leo. He has a strange love for all things poetical and Sci-Fi. A winner of the Montblanc X Esquire Six-word Story prize 2017. He is the creator of House Haiku, an experimental music series combining poetry and house music elements. Andromeda’s Alien, his first album is now represented by Red Claw Records (Germany).
His latest publications are Superatomicluminal (Hesterglock Press, UK), Gods of The Gonzo (Analog Submission Press,UK), Sleeping with Wildflowers (Alien Buddha Press, Arizona/New York), The Cosmonaut Manifesto (UndergroundBooks, New York), Monochromatique (Queer Ink, India), Deviant Flames and Dark Revolver (Roman Books, UK/India). His poetry has been published worldwide, on various international print and online platforms. His books and performances have been featured at the New York City Poetry Festival, Rantai Arts Festival (Kuala Lumpur), Singapore International Festival of the Arts, Singapore Writers Festival, Poetry Festival Singapore, All In! Young Writers Festival Singapore and was a guest performer at the Travel Poetry Slam (Singapore).
He writes on Twitter: @elancharang and Medium . He is also editor of proletaria, an online journal devoted to one-line poems and statements inspired by politics, philosophy and phenomena.
Creative Portfolio: Instagram ; SoundCloud: Poet on Fire; Twitter.

Books Published:
Haiku Collections Published:

Supernatural Haiku (Ebook published by Tusitala, Singapore, 2012); The Refugee (Ebook published by Tusitala, Singapore, 2013); Watching Aliens (Ebook published on Smashwords, 2016); Jellyfish Meltdown (Ebook published on Smashwords, 2016); Limbo (Ebook published on Smashwords, 2017); Shadow People (Ebook published on Smashwords, 2017).

Selected Work
side glance . . .
a cat's shadow stalks
my shadow 
toy bone . . .
my golden retriever
fetches dusk
bending forward
withered leaves arch―
winter yoga
closed door
the angry conversation
of sparrows outside
ghost of winter
sited behind the sliding door
lunar throne
spring drive
towards green moon
highway hypnotism . . .


“side glance”; “toy bone“;“bending forward“ - Under the Basho, 2019; “closed door“ - My Haiku Pond ed. Michael Smeer, April 2019; “ghost of winter“ – The Asahi Shimbun (Asahi Haikuist Network, ed. David McMurray), April 19, 2019); “spring drive“ - The Asahi Shimbun (Asahi Haikuist Network, ed. David McMurray), May 17, 2019.

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