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(aka Mikeymike) (Mike Keville)

(aka Mikeymike) (Mike Keville)

Born: October 17 1956 in Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom
Resides: Richmond, London, United Kingdom

I’m a nuts and bolts man / jack of all trades and a non-academic; not through choice - I have dyslexia and a very bad memory; but I get by with spell-check and a lot of help from my friends on 'FaceBook'... I’ve had poems appeared in some online magazines: Hedgerow, Sonic Boom, Failed Haiku, notes from the Gean and Lynx - A Journal of Linking Poets. I create also haiga and photo-haiga.

Awards and Other Honors: I’ve had a couple of honourable mentions in Failed Haiku’s H. Gene Murtha Senryu Contests (2016 and 2018) and in the Prune Juice Jane Reichhold’s Memorial Haiga Competition (2016).

Books Published: between here and home a lifetime, ed. Caroline Skanne, wildflower poetry press, 2016.

Selected Work
song thrush
adding the missing notes
to an old wind chime
winter leaves
next time he asks
I just might go
street light
never apart for long
me and my shadow 
carpe diem
but first
family tree
the seed that fell
further away
from behind a cloud

Credits: between here and home a life time, ed. Caroline Skanne, wildflower poetry press, 2016.

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