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Sean Wright (SB Wright)

Sean Wright (SB Wright)

Born: , Australia
Resides: South Australia's Mid-North, Australia

SB Wright (Sean Wright) is a graduate of NTU, he has spent his adult working life as a security guard, a martial arts instructor, a trainer in an international gaming company, a teacher librarian and a primary school teacher. His interest in poetry has been a constant if not always obvious presence. His work has been published in Verity La, Tincture Journal, Eureka Street, A Hundred Gourds, INDaily , and the anthologies: The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry and 50 Haikus.
Web sites: Words Poetical for long form and haiku; Magpie Song for Japanese form poetry exclusively.

Awards and Other Honors: Ditmar Award Winning Book Reviewer and Podcaster ().

Books Published: Magpie Tales, published by Close-up Books, Melbourne, Australia 2017.

Selected Work
midday heat 
     the water song 
                 of magpies
morning chill ― a scorpion salutes the sun
outliving the town
the gravestones at Keilli 
limestone ruins 
seasoning the hillside 
pepper trees
eating twilight shadows in the koi pond 
two men argue 
                     about the burqa ban― 
she feeds the blackbirds


(First Publ.): ”midday heat” - 50 Haikus Issue 5, Volume 1, Prolific Press,2014; ”morning chill” - A Hundred Gourds, September 2014; ”outliving the town” - A Hundred Gourds, December 2015; ”limestone ruins” - Poetry and Place Anthology 2015, April 2016; ”eating twilight” and ”two men argue” - Magpie Tales, Close-up Books, Melbourne, Australia, 2017.

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