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Kristen Lindquist

Kristen Lindquist

Born: 1967 in Bangor Maine, USA
Resides: Camden, Maine, USA
E-mail: kelindquist (at) gmail (dot) com

Kristen is a bookkeeper, writer, and naturalist enjoying life on the beautiful coast of Maine. She has written a daily haiku blog, Book of Days , since 2009. She currently serves as coordinator for the Touchstone Awards for Haibun; New England Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America; and Advisor for Autumn Moon Haiku Journal. She has also been a guest editor for Drifting Sands Haibun Journal and a judge for the Haiku Society of America’s Rengay Award. She was featured on the Mann Library’s Daily Haiku Page in October 2020 and is a featured poet in New Resonance 12 (Red Moon Press, 2021).

Awards and Other Honors:

Book awards: Snapshot Press eChapbook Award, 2020 (It Always Comes Back) and 2023 (What We Tell Each Other); Shortlisted, Touchstone Distinguished Book Award, and Second Place, Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award, Island (2024).
Individual poem awards: Winner, Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition, 2022, 2024; Honorable Mention, Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition 2021-2024; 2nd and 3rd Place, Rockport International Poetry Festival Haibun Contest; Winner, 2023 Hexapod Haiku Challenge; Winner, Hueston Woods Haiku Trail Contest, 2023; 3rd Place, HSA Rengay Contest, 2023; Honorable Mention, Haiku Poets of Northern California Haibun Contest, 2023; Museum of Haiku Literature Award, 2022; Poetry Pea Judge’s Choice Award, Spring 2021 issue; Honorable Mention, HSA Rengay Contest, 2021.

Books Published:

It Always Comes Back (e-chapbook)(Snapshot Press, 2022); Island (Red Moon Press, 2023); What We Tell Each Other (e-chapbook) (Snapshot Press, forthcoming). Editor: What Weathers, What Returns (Red Moon Press, 2023), a haiku anthology of the Broadmoor Haiku Collective.

Selected Work
rain turning to snow
I linger in the summer
of the produce aisle
undressing at the window winter trees
hurricane update
the soft adagio
of the crickets
cold front . . .
a garden spider
tethers the woodshed
historic ghost tour
the sleeping homeless man
each of us chooses
to be here
seaside goldenrod


“rain turning to snow” — Acorn Issue 47: Fall 2021; “undressing” — Akitsu Quarterly Issue 56: Winter 2022; “hurricane update” — Blithe Spirit vol. 31 No. 3: August 2021; “cold front” — Kingfisher Issue 8: October 2023; “historic ghost tour” — Modern Haiku vol. 54.3: Fall 2023; “each of us chooses” —The Heron’s Nest vol. 25 No. 3: September 2023.

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