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Elizabeth Alford

Elizabeth Alford

Born: August 01 1987 in Berkeley California, USA
Resides: Hayward, California, USA
E-mail: Ealfordpoet (at) gmail (dot) com

Elizabeth Alford is magna cum laude graduate of California State University, East Bay (B.A. English, 2014). As the daughter of a dedicated linguist, her love of words began in the womb. These days, she likes to sneak off for a quick poem when she isn’t selling you secondhand merchandise.

Awards and Other Honors:

Per Diem: Daily Haiku, The Haiku Foundation - Theme: “The Taste of Melancholy” (2019); Shortlist – 2018 Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems; 1st Prize & 2nd Honorable Mention – Bay Area Poets Coalition Contest #39, 1-5 line category (2018/2019); 1st Place – 2016 Samurai Haibun Contest. Hosted by the United Haiku and Tanka Society. Haibun: “Sonogram”; Semifinalist - KYSO Flash HTP Contest, 2016. Haibun: "Looking For Labels"; 1st Place “Poem of the Week” – Cultured Vultures, 21 March 2016. Haibun: “Lost”.

Selected Work
unicorn shadow
the lighter side
of the equinox
hospice window 
a halo for every 
street lamp
retail therapy leaving the mountain one rock smaller
heron pose how flexible the bending river
prairie dusk
the old mare relieved
of her saddle

gardenias . . .
my hands filling
with yours


“unicorn shadow“ - Stardust Haiku issue 28 (2019); “hospice window“ - Failed Haiku vol. 4, issue 44 (2019); “retail therapy“ - Human/Kind Journal issue 1.4 (2019); “prairie dusk“ - Hedgerow #94 (2016); “heron pose“ - Hedgerow #86 (2016); “gardenias” - Hedgerow #82 (2016).

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