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Eva Ermenz

Eva Ermenz

Born: October 04 1948 in Surahammar, Sweden
Resides: Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden
E-mail: greentea (at) telia (dot) com

Eva Ermenz, writer, poet and actor, born in Surahammar, lives in Saltsjö-Boo (Sweden). Member of The Swedish Haiku Association Stockholm and The Swedish Writers Union as well as of The English-Speaking Union of Japan and Ginza Poetry Society groups (Japan). Her numerous haiku were published by Swedish Haiku Association over the years. She takes part in monthly program of The English-Speaking Union of Japan - ESUJ-H "Haiku in English", judged by haiku poets Emiko Miyashita and Tesuya Kotaki. She has a total publication list of 12 books partly containg haiku and prose (latest publication: MIDORI, japanska bilder (MIDORI, Japanese pictures), a so called haibun from a journey to Japan sponsored by The Writers Union and ongoing haibun project called SHIRO, Japanese dreams scheduled to be published later this year; as well as a list of 10 anthologies (all in Swedish).

Selected Work
old cottage
indian cress covering
the doorstep
evening meal
white cabbage soup
falling flakes
empty garden chair
I can still see my mother
on the veranda
autumn sun through
spider art
on the veranda
autumn sun through
spider art
New Year´s cleaning
under a pile of books
last year´s diary

Credits: The English-Speaking Union of Japan (ESUJ) English Haiku kukai: “old cottage”; “evening meal”; “empty garden chair” (August, 2018); “on the veranda” (Oct. 2018); “misty wooden lake” (Sept. 2018); “New Year´s cleaning” (Jan. 2019).

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