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Antonio Sacco

Antonio Sacco

Born: in Agropoli Campania, Italy
Resides: Vallo della Lucania, Campania, Italy
E-mail: antoniosacco84 (at) yahoo (dot) it

Antonio Sacco was born in Agropoli in 1984. He writes and composes verses in the heart of the Cilento National Park (southern part of Italy, near Salerno). A scholar of poetry, in particular poetry of Japanese origin, he has published many articles in various blogs and on-line magazines dedicated to the haiku genre. He published the collection of haiku In ogni uomo uno haiku (Arduino Sacco Editore, 2015). Antonio devotes himself with passion and regularity to the study and the composition of poems both in free various metres and haiku. His haiku are published in on-line magazines and journals - tinywords, Otata, The Mainichi, Failed Haiku and many others . Some of his haiku were translated into Arabic and published in the moroccan magazine Al Bayt. He was selected to the The European Top 100 most creative haiku authors (2018) on Krzysztof Kokot's blog. His hobby is the art of suiseki, long walks in a nature and listening to rap music.

Selected Work
layers of petals
in an artichoke
see a lotus flower
lost love―
the snow buries
my shadow touches
a peach tree
reaped fields:
tall as the stubble
the sparrow
sickle moon―
past memories of fields
just harvested
fashion pants,
my granny has patched them
in my absence!

Credits: “layers of petals“ - Otata 27, March 2018; “lost love“ - tinywords Issue 18.1, June 2018; “moonlight“ – The Mainichi July 26, 2018; “reaped fields“ - The Mainichi April 27, 2018; “sickle moon“ – Harusame 18 Jan. 2019; “fashion pants“ - Failed Haiku A Journal of English Senryu Vol. 3, Issue 27, March 2018.

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