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Réka Nyitrai

Réka Nyitrai

Born: October 05 1977 in Turda, Romania
Resides: Bucharest, Romania
E-mail: eatmywords (at) protonmail (dot) com

During the Winter of 2018 either Réka Nyitrai found haiku or haiku found Réka Nyitrai through her very first poem that simply came off the top of her head: "on a snow covered branch ... yesterday's bird-songs". Since then she keeps writing haiku, mainly surreal and psychological ones and cherita. So far, she has been published in Under the Basho, Failed Haiku, FemkuMag, Scryptic Magazine, Otata and The Asahi Shimbun

Selected Work
high noon the black dahlia leans toward the scissors
summer fling . . .
the hollow thud
of an apple 
twilight those words spoken by your hands
crow and scarecrow 
breathing in sync . . .
harvest moon 
buried in the earth 
I will be reborn 
as a wild tulip
wind god―
I leave my name 
in a hidden place

Credits: “high noon” – Under The Basho July, 2018; “summer fling” – Asahi Haikuist Network Aug. 3, 2018; “twilight” – is/let ed. Scott Metz, Sept. 17, 2018; “crow and scarecrow” – Asahi Haikuist Network Oct. 5, 2018; “buried in the earth” – Troutswirl (The Haiku Foundation’s blog) – “A Sense of Place:THE MEADOW/FIELD – touch” ed. Katherine Munro, Oct. 17, 2018; “wind god” – Otata 35, November 2018.

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