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Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers

Born: March 07 1986 in Newport Wales, United Kingdom
Resides: Newport, Wales, United Kingdom
E-mail: paulchambershaiku (at) gmail (dot) com

Paul Chambers is an award-winning haiku poet and the founder and editor of the Wales Haiku Journal. To date he has published two full-length collections of haiku and has had over 200 poems appear in some of the world’s most prestigious journals and anthologies. Paul’s haiku has been published in the New Resonance series and his work has been featured in several editions of the Red Moon Anthology. Paul has contributed creative and critical material to The Times Literary Supplement, the Atlanta Review, the BBC, NHK World, the Arts Council of Wales and the Wales Arts Review, as well as national Japanese newspapers, the Mainichi and the Asahi Shimbun. He has won the Museum of Haiku Literature Award, the NHK Haiku Masters Award, the Golden Triangle Haiku Award, and has been shortlisted for both the Haiku Foundation’s Distinguished Book Award and Distinguished Poem Award.

Awards and Other Honors:

Museum of Haiku Literature Award, Golden Triangle Haiku Award, NHK Haiku Masters Award.

Books Published:

This Single Thread, 2015, Alba Publishing & Latitudes, 2017, Alba Publishing.

Selected Work
goshawk's cry
deep under snow
the road turns
pre-dawn stars . . .
plumes of breath
from a cattle truck
morning coolness
the meadow holds the shape
of a deer
moorland edge― 
darkness hardens
to a crow
river bridge the distance of my prayer
blue hour . . .
the day’s heat lingers
in lilac scent


“ goshawk's cry” - Modern Haiku Vol. 49.3, Autumn 2018; “pre-dawn stars“ - Acorn Issue #41, Fall 2018; “morning coolness“ - Presence Issue #63, March 2019; “moorland edge“ – Presence Issue #60, March 2018; “river bridge“ - Frogpond vol. 39.2, Spring-Summer 2016; “blue hour“ - Mayfly Issue #67, Summer 2019.

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