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Robin Anna Smith

Robin Anna Smith

Born: 1971, USA
Resides: Delaware, USA

Relaying the wind, the grass, the birds... via the pen, the ink, the paint.

Awards and Other Honors:

Robin has been fortunate enough to have had their poems deemed worthy of awards and other accolades. They don't keep track of these things.

Books Published:

the new green (2021) Cuttlefish Books, Fire Rainbow (2020) Human/Kind Press; Systems Askew (2019) Yavanika Press; Forsythia (2019) Turtle Light Press.

Selected Work
in the quiet of the bath she had some horses
in the city that once screamed cherry blossoms
a tiny boat in my mouth spring opens
applying myself to the definition of a caterpillar
half of me erased the sky inherited by crows
lavender blooms in the cottage of my core


“in the quiet of the bath” – Frogpond vol. 45:3, Autumn 2022; “in the city” – The Heron's Nest Vol. XXIV No. 4, December 2022; “a tiny boat” – Our Garden: The Haiku Foundation Volunteer Anthology 2022; “applying myself” – failed haiku Vol. 7, Issue 82, September 2022; “half of me” – petrichor #21, 2022; “lavender blooms” – Modern Haiku vol. 53.3, Autumn 2022, Spotlight.

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