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Nazarena Rampini

Nazarena Rampini

Born: in Pogliano Milanese, Lombardy, Italy
Resides: Pogliano Milanese, Lombardy, Italy
E-mail: nazarenaram (at) gmail (dot) com

Nazarena Rampini lives in a small town among woods of locust trees, with her husband Daniele and a cat Lulu. She has composed haiku since 2015, being inspired by the aromatic herbs and flowers in her garden.

Awards and Other Honors: First place: 4th Italian International Contest Matsuo Bashȏ (2016); first place: 1th Italian Kukai (2016); third place: Italian International Contest Pensieri e Parole (2016); second place: Italian National Contest Quattro Porte (2017); second place: Italian National Contest Lampi di Poesia 2018 (haiku); third place: Cascina Macondo Contest (2017); fourth place: Italian National Contest La coleur d’un poème (2016); Honorable Mention: Italian National Contest Gustavo Pece 2018 (haiku); The Mainichi Haiku in English Best of 2017; NHK World Haiku Masters runner-up March and May 2018.
Some haiku selectioned and published in anthologies: Inchiostri d’autore (ed. Barbanera 2016); Sul tavolo un cappello – A hat on the table (ed. Cascina Macondo 2016); Bianco su Bianco – White on White (ed. Cascina Macondo 2017); Haiku Anthology Vol.1 & 2 (2017) and Vol.3 (2018) - Haiku University (ed. Saku-Publishing Ltd. Tokyo 2017 and 2018); Ephemerae Vol.1 April 2018 (ed. Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy).

Books Published: Foglie sparse - a collection of haiku written between 2015 and 2017 (self published, 2017).

Selected Work
May rain―
the torrent’s sound
fills the pebbly shore
winter wood―
a pink cyclamen
color moss
old trail―
leaning on his stick
wisteria bloom
sudden sun
the shadow of pine
over hydrangeas
old blackbirds
the last persimmon
pinched in turn
on which branch
will spring place
its first song

Credits: “May rain” – Otata 5, May 2016; “Winter wood” – The Asahi Shimbun (Asahi Haikuist Network), Jan. 20, 2017; “old trail” – Akitsu Quarterly Spring 2017; “sudden sun” – The Mainichi July 27, 2017; “old blackbirds” – Blithe Spirit Vol. 28 No. 1, 2018; “on which branch” – NHK World Haiku Masters runner-up, March 2018.

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