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Craig Kittner

Craig Kittner

Born: May 23 1968 in Canton, Ohio, USA
Resides: Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
E-mail: craigkittner (at) gmail (dot) com

After years of restless moves, Craig Kittner has put down roots in the sandy soil of Eastern North Carolina. There the sunshine is strong. The subtropical climate gives rise to riotous growths of wildflowers. Birds abound, and the sky is alive with ocean breezes. Craig is happy to walk therein.

Awards and Other Honors: Two Judges Favorites in 2018 Golden Haiku contest, Washington, DC; North Carolina Poetry Society: Bloodroot Haiku Award 2019, 2nd Place

Books Published: Times Sweet Savor (2016), New Books on Front Street (an imprint of Old Books on Front Street), Wilmington, NC)

Selected Work
pigeons swoop
over the sky colored river
flashing white as they turn
pine tree blurred
by wisteria and rain
vernal equinox 
redbud sapling
the squirrel
stares back
morning fog
crows at the edge
of hearing
a speck of light
in the catbird's eye
magnolia in bloom 
evening fragrance
flowers and neighbors whose names
I don't know


"pigeons swoop" – Golden Haiku 2018 Judges’ Favorites; "pine tree blurred" – Autumn Moon Haiku Journal 1:2 2018; "redbud sapling" – Autumn Moon Haiku Journal 1:2 2018; “morning fog" – Frogpond Journal, vol 41:3 fall 2018; "a speck of light" – Four Hundred and Two Snails HSA Members' Anthology 2018; “evening fragrance" – Chrysanthemum 24, fall issue 2018.

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