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Angela Giordano

Angela Giordano

Born: March 29 1958 in Avigliano Basilicata, Italy
Resides: Avigliano, Basilicata, Italy
E-mail: angelagiordano58 (at) yahoo (dot) it

Angela Giordano is above all an artist - she is painting fabrics, mirrors, glass, stones and various materials for over 35 years. For nearly a decade he has written traditional poems and Japanese metrics. The haiku has completely conquered her for its synthesis and immediacy of images and emotions aroused in only 17 syllables. She believes that poetry is a vehicle and a means to bring people together and knows no boundaries.
Giordano has participated in numerous competitions of poetry and haiku obtaining appreciable results, her poems are present in numerous anthologies of poetry and haiku and many e-books. She currently directs a page of art and poetry on Facebook, she has founded and directs a haiku writing group. Her haiku are published in prestigious magazines such as Autumn Moon Haiku, Brass Bell, Chrysanthemum, Failed Haiku, NHK Haiku Masters, Le Lumachine, Memories di una Geisha, Otata, Stardust Haiku, The Asahi Shimbun, The Haiku Foundation, The Mainichi, The Mamba, Under the Basho and others.

Awards and Other Honors: Awards Michel Madhusudan Prize (1998); Readers’ Favorite Honorable Mention Award (2015); Limca Book of Records (2016); Beverly Hills Book Awards (2016); IndieReader Discovery Award (2016); 7th Setouchi Matsuyama International Photo-Haiku Contest (2017); Autumn Moon Haiku contest (2017) - honorable mention; included in Europe's Top 100 Haiku Poets (2017); included in The Mainichi Haiku in English Best of 2017; NHK Haiku Masters, Feb. 2018 - 1st place.

Books Published: Work Anthologised: Autunno Haiku (2013); Primavera Haiku (2015); Estate Haiku (2016) series of anthologies - Edizioni della Sera, ed. S. Giovinazzo; L'Immenso in breve (2013) and Orme di noi (2014) - Edizioni La Luna Nera; Haiku tra meridiani e paralleli Quarta stagione - FusibiliaLibri, ed. Dona Amati (2018).

Selected Work
they smell the wind
two young foals
carriage ride
low clouds―
a drone gets confused
between white geese
wake up the day―
the profile of the mountains
all whitewashed
wild chicory―
grandma's hands
so fast
thin fog―
under a lamp a dog
barks to the shadows
increasingly rare
the song of birds―
autumn fog

Credits: "they smell the wind" – honourable mention 7th Setouchi Matsuyama International Photo-Haiku Contest (2017); "low clouds" – Failed Haiku Vol. 2, Issue 15 (2017); "wake up the day" – 1st place NHK Haiku Masters Feb. 2018; “wild chicory" – The Mainichi Oct. 6, 2017; "thin fog" – Otata No. 32, August 2018; “increasingly rare" – honourable mention Autumn Moon Haiku Contest (2017).

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