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Alessandra Delle Fratte

Alessandra Delle Fratte

Born: in Rome, Lazio, Italy
Resides: Rome, Lazio, Italy
E-mail: dr (dot) dellefratte (at) gmail (dot) com

Alessandra Delle Fratte is an Italian psychologist and a cognitive behavioral therapist. Born and living in Rome, she’s a poet, a novelist, and a haijin. Her great passion for the haiku - and the discover of an “haijin soul” - dates back to 2015. From that moment she begins to study this kind of poetry, which fascinates her so much: from the classical authors to the modern ones. In her poetry, the inspiration is drawn from daily life (work with patients, family, local landscape e.g.), and memories. In the haiku written in English – particularly – she recently finds the right brevity and rhythm that allow to each verse to express the most archetypical, or intimate, thoughts. Some her haiku and senryū were published on international e-journals and blogs: Otata, Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog, The Haiku Foundation features, Le Lumachine, Memorie di una Geisha blog.

Books Published: Work Anthologised: Impronte sul cuore [a collection of western poems] in: A.A.V.V. Tramontane, Aletti Editore, 2015; Quando l’amore fa male [selected poems attached to a psychological article on the pathological affective dependence] in: A.A.V.V. Odi et Amo, La Lettera Scarlatta, 2015.
Books Published: Come una fenice. Emozioni in versi - Augh Edizioni – Gruppo Alter Ego, 2016; Tre gelsomini profumano il mio te. Haiku [Three jasmines scent my tea. Haiku] – a collection of haiku in Italian and in English, submitted for publication.

Selected Work
the snow is falling― 
only a branch of prune 
finds a home
three jasmines 
scent my tea―
evening is coming
autumn shadows―
the walls speak
of golden arabesques 
night and nothingness―
breath stops too
in the silence
among the reeds wind sighs―
beginning of summer
blue butterfly―
even the ocean has no color in the hands

Credits: "the snow is falling" - Otata #24, Dec. 2017 & Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog (Daily Haiku: March 5, 2018); "three jasmines" - Otata #24, Dec. 2017; "autumn shadows", "night and nothingness" - Otata #25, Jan. 2018; "among the reeds" - Otata #31, July 2018 & Memorie di una Geisha (Aug. 3, 2018); "blue butterfly" - Otata #31, July 2018 & Memorie di una Geisha (July 24, 2018).

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