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Judith Gorgone

Judith Gorgone

Born: October 14 in Newton, Massachusetts, USA
Resides: Newton, Massachusetts, USA
E-mail: judith (at) gorgone (dot) com

Judith is a visual artist and writer whose career has spanned many areas of design including advertising, graphics, toy, product design and character development, as well as illustration. Her illustrations and designs presently appear on a wide range of products from textiles to greeting cards for manufacturers worldwide. Her career has also encompassed the web through her award winning websites for EARTH and for PEACE and which specializes in haiku and poetry related novelty products. Judith writes professionally and for pleasure. She has been experimenting with Japanese writing forms since she moved to Japan in 1994.

Selected Work
chinese new year
chasing a dragon tail—
the moon
fireworks fade
a single firefly
continues the show
Spring cleaning
An old love letter
Tucked in a drawer
indian summer
tears wash out to sea
with a toy sail boat
full moon—
so many vines
on the banyan tree
white Christmas—
along the road home
drifts of cotton

Credits: "chinese new year" - Mainichi Daily News (March 2008); "Spring cleaning" - World Haiku Review (July 2002); "full moon" - Shiki Kukai Second Place (October 2008); "fireworks fade" - World Haiku Association Haiga (2003); "indian summer" - Haiku Cycles (2002); "white Christmas" Tinywords (Feb 2008).

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