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Dian Duchin Reed

Dian Duchin Reed

Born: in Bayonne New Jersey, USA
Resides: Soquel, California, USA
E-mail: ddreed (at) ix (dot) netcom (dot) com

Dian Duchin Reed’s poems, articles, and essays have appeared in numerous publications. Her recent book is Dao De Jing: Laozi’s Timeless Wisdom, translated from the Chinese. For more information, please visit

Awards and Other Honors: Two haiku selected in the Golden Triangle’s 2018 “Spring in the City” contest, Heron’s Nest 2017 Illustration Contest winner, Sundberg Family grant for literary criticism, Mel Tuohey Award for writing excellence, Mary Lonnberg Smith Award in Poetry, Apex Award for technical writing.

Books Published: Dao De Jing: Laozi’s Timeless Wisdom (Humanitas Press, 2016) and Medusa Discovers Styling Gel (Finishing Line Press, 2009)

Selected Work
only dandelions 
in the gas-station planter
half-hearted flirtation
wolf moon
the coyotes
join in
pruning the red roses
some part of me
still wild
quail footprints
stamped in mud
morning stars
her plastic pail 
waiting by the bed
sand-dollar moon
sudden jolt
the paper wasp flashes
her long legs

Credits: “only dandelions” - Mayfly Issue 64, Winter 2018; “wolf moon - Modern Haiku issue 49:2, Summer 2018; “pruning the red roses” - Golden Triangle’s “Spring in the City” contest winner, posted in DC during March 2018; “quail footprints” - Modern Haiku Issue 49:1, Winter-Spring 2018; “her plastic pail” - tinywords issue 17.2, Nov. 2017; “sudden jolt” - Akitsu Quarterly, Fall 2017.

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