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Coromoto (Mariela Hernández)

Coromoto (Mariela Hernández)

Born: September 19 1977 in Caracas, Venezuela
Resides: Wassenaar, Netherlands
E-mail: tomariela (at) yahoo (dot) com

Mariela grew up in the valley of Caracas, Venezuela, surrounded by mountains and coastal nature. From here arises her passion for the living world and her greatest inspiration for writing. She moved to Minneapolis, USA to pursue a Masters of Science degree and later studied writing at the Institute of Children’s Literature. Mariela likes hiking and writes about nature in the form of haiku poetry: “when aware of my senses and living in the present, my life is full of haiku moments”. Currently, she lives in The Netherlands and when she is not writing she is playing the piano.

Selected Work
fresh breeze
besides a wheelchair 
a sparrow limps 
morning light 
a rainbow arches 
the Harbour Bridge
muddy trail . . .
behind schedule 
the dusk
fallen leaves 
cover the backyard 
summer memories
from hydrangea to brick 
a snail
rusty chair 
in the garden
the little fingerprints

Credits: “fresh breeze” – incense dreams journal, issue 2.2: ‘birth-rebirth, awakening’, June 2018; “morning light” – Echidna Tracks Australian Haiku, Issue 1. 2018; “muddy trail” – Frameless Sky, Issue 8, June 2018; “fallen leaves” – Frogpond, vol. 41:2, Spring/Summer 2018; “bridge” – 5th annual Golden Haiku Competition (displayed on signs adorning tree boxes), Feb. 2018; “rusty chair” – Wales Haiku Journal Spring 2018.

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