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Marina Bellini

Marina Bellini

Born: in Cremona Lombardy, Italy
Resides: Bagnolo San Vito, Mantua, Italy
E-mail: marina (dot) bellini6 (at) gmail (dot) com

Marina Bellini entered the world of haiku just few years ago, in 2013, intrigued by this short and poignant form of poetry. She is a math teacher, with a passion for reading, practicing yoga, and caring for her orchids, succulents and carnivorous plants. She lives in the countryside, near Mantua (the cradle of the Renaissance), with three Jack Russel Terriers and four cats. She founds inspiration in the nature that surrounds her and in the daily urban life.

Awards and Other Honors: Honourable Mention Genjuan International Haibun Contest 2018; Honourable Mention 2nd WHA Haiku Contest 2017; 2nd place Premio Letterario Gustavo Pece 2017 ; 2nd place Premio Letterario Viaggio in diciasette sillabe 2016; 2nd place Premio Letterario Mangiaparole 2014; 3rd place 18th Indian kukai November 2016; 4th place (tie) Cascina Macondo contest 2015; Honourable mention Iris – a little haiku contest 2017; Certificate of Merit – Premio Letterario Internazionale M. Basho” – III ed 2015; Best of 2016 – The Mainichi Haiku in English Best of 2016; NHK World Haiku Master runner-up May, September, November and December, 2017.

Books Published: Jumble Box, ed. M.D. Welch - Press Here, Sept 2107; World Haiku 2018 No. 14, ed. Ban’ya Natsuishi – WHA, 2018; Haiku Anthology Vol 1 and Vol 2 - Haiku University, ed. Saku-publishing Co. Ltd., 2017; Anthology Bianco su bianco – White on White, ed. Cascina Macondo, 2017; Anthology Sul tavolo un cappello – A hat on the table, ed. Cascina Macondo, 2016; Anthology Il mio mandala – My Mandala, Cascina Macondo, 2015.

Selected Work
old painting
in orange and red
a village life
forest bathing―
a weightless feather falls
before me
Japanese dinner
the hole in my sock
speaks volumes
foraging nettles
his absence stings
more than ever
blah blah blah
the first daffodil
goes unnoticed
energy bill―
I put it in my pocket
and gaze at the sun

Credits: “old painting” - The Mamba - Issue 5 (2018); “forest bathing” - Otata Issue 5 (May 2016); “Japanese dinner” - Failed Haiku vol. 2, issue 17 (April 2017) and Ulitka Russian Haikai Journal issue 16th (2017); “foraging nettles” - 9th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest (2017) - Selected Haiku Submissions Collection; “blah blah blah” and “energy bill” - The Mainichi Haiku in English Annual Selection Best of 2016.

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