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Mohammad Azim Khan

Mohammad Azim Khan

Born: in Peshawar, Pakistan
Resides: Peshawar, Pakistan

I graduated from Peshawar University with Master degrees in English Literature and Economics. I served with the United Nations World Food Programme as Head of Programme Unit in Peshawar. My job was to programme humanitarian assistance in form of food aid to victims of war and natural disasters. Also worked for post- disaster recovery and rehabilitation. While with UN, I travelled to many countries which included Burma, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Iran to oversee relief and disaster operations. Compassion was the key note that impacted my outlook on life to help and serve human beings in distress. I took to poetry writing during school days and recently developed special interest in haiku and tanka writing. I enjoy reading haiku in facebook groups and contribute regularly. My haiku were published in Acorn, Modern Haiku, The Asahi Shimbun, Hedgerow, The Mainichi, Failed Haiku, Prune Juice, The Heron's Nest, Sonic Boom, Under the Basho, Wild Plum,Akita Haiku Journal, NHK World – Japan Haiku Masters, Haikuniverse, and Chrysanthemum. Now leading a retired life and busy gardening, reading, collecting vintage ceramics, interaction with old colleagues and friends and of course writing poetry especially haiku.

Awards and Other Honors: Runner up in IAFOR Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award 2017; Third Prize in Polish International Haiku Competition 2017; held positions in several haiku contests.

Selected Work
green stones ...
the moss conquers
the mountain
war zone ...
amongst the rubble
an empty birdcage
spring time
sparrows renew 
their disputes
moonlit night
the sound of nurturing 
from a foxhole
moon shadow
the arch
of a dumpster diver
old frog ...
the pond wobbles
under its belly

Credits: “green stones” - Asahi Haikuist Network March 17, 2017; “war zone” - Acorn, Issue #37, Fall 2016; “spring time” - The Heron's Nest, Volume XIX, Number 2: June 2017; “moonlit night” - Runner-up IAFOR Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award 2017; “moon shadow” - Modern Haiku, 48.2 Summer 2017; “old frog” - Under the Basho, 2016 issue.

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