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Robyn Corum

Robyn Corum

Born: October 10 1962 in Decatur Alabama, USA
Resides: Hartselle, Alabama, USA
E-mail: robyncorum (at) aol (dot) com

Robyn has been writing both poetry and prose since she could hold a pencil. She was introduced to Japanese short-form poetry in 2011 and was instantly addicted.

Awards and Other Honors: Robyn has had several stories and poems published in both on-line and print journals, and has been recognized in several contests as well, including earning first place in the Women's National Book Association's 2017 Writing Contest.

Books Published: Melinda Heads West - an historical romance, set in the West, Crimson Romance (2012); Pieces of Her Mind - a collection of senryu, kyoka and haiga by 18 female poets, Omega Publications ( 2012); Haiku Anthology - a collection of haiga and haiku from 26 poets, Douglas Paul Creations, LC (2017).

Selected Work
wearing Dad's jeans
reminds me of how
his genes wear me
to capture a natural look
the camera flashes
sixty times
sunlight through blinds
he no longer hides
the other woman
doctor's office
my blood pressure was better
tapping out biography
on old typewriter
the "I" sticks
blind woman
her memories of autumn
turn to gray

Credits: "wearing Dad's jeans" - Pieces of Her Mind (2012); "to capture a natural look" - HSA Anthology (2017); Bottle Rockets (2016); "sunlight through blinds" - HSA SE Anthology; Biscuit Crumbs (2018); "doctor's office" - Bottle Rockets (2016); "tapping out biography" - Biscuit Crumbs (2018); "blind woman" - Biscuit Crumbs (2018).

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