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MUSO (Somayajulu Musunuri)

MUSO (Somayajulu Musunuri)

Born: June 25 1968 in Hyderabad, India
Resides: Hyderabad, India
E-mail: somayajulu (dot) musunuri (at) gmail (dot) com

A television journalist, working as a senior editor in regional news channel. Story writer and poet. Recently published my own bilingual haiku book. Having good academic background with post graduate level degrees in Commerce, Law, Journalism and Mass Communications.

Awards and Other Honors: Local literary awards as best telugu poet; First Place, Wordweavers Haiku Contest (2017).

Books Published: The First Leaf (Modern English Haiku, Nov 2017); Naalo Nenu [Telugu Haiku book] (Swings Media Publications, Hyderabad, Nov 2017) [available at].

Selected Work
My little daughter painting
A black panther
Finally afraid, and finished it without eyes
touch of wind
almond bud unfurled
in leaf shade
Summer day 
Rainbow in my daughter's eyes
eye maskara
a mystical charm
my heart struck
heavy rains
streets drown the voyage
of paper boats
forgiveness factor
plenitude brings
inner peace

Credits: "My little daughter painting" - Haikuniverse (September 16th, 2017); "Summer day" - First Place, Wordweavers Haiku Contest (2017); "heavy rains" - Under the Basho (March 2018); "touch of wind" - Wales Haiku Journal (Spring 2018); "eye mascara" - All (2017); "forgiveness factor" - Australian Haiku Society Summer Solstice Haiku String (2017).

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