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Anna Eklund-Cheong

Anna Eklund-Cheong

Born: 1959 in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Resides: Croissy-sur-Seine, France
E-mail: aeklundcheong (at) gmail (dot) com

I'm an American expat living in France, volunteering with several non-profit Anglophone organizations in the Paris area. Although I have a BA degree in political science and international relations, I have the heart of an English major! I love poetry, especially haiku. I embrace the challenges of writing modern, English-Language Haiku (ELH) with the guidance of the contemporary, worldwide haiku community. I also travel internationally with my family, blog about French culture, and lead haiku-writing workshops for school groups.

Awards and Other Honors: Honorable Mention, Golden Haiku Contest, Washington, DC (2018); Runner-up, Golden Haiku Contest, Washington, DC (2015, 2016, and 2017).

Selected Work
mid-March sun
the playground littered
with little parkas
apple orchard
red, crisp and crunchy
leaves underfoot
midsummer harvest—
wildflower seeds
yield butterflies
our future daughter-in-law
brings a new dish
end of summer
a whiff of campfire smoke
from the laundry heap
mounds of sodden mittens
melting on the rug

Credits: "mid-March sun" - Honorable Mention, Golden Haiku Contest, Washington, DC (2018); "midsummer harvest" - on down the road: Haiku Society of America 2017 Members' Anthology (HSA, New York, 2017); "end of summer" - Blithe Spirit 27:4 (November 2017); "apple orchard" - Blithe Spirit 27:4 (November 2017); "Thanksgiving" - Acorn 40 (Spring 2018); "snowdrifts" - Blithe Spirit 28:1 (February 2018).

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