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Amanda Bell

Amanda Bell

Born: March 21 1968 in Dublin, Ireland
Resides: Dublin, Ireland
E-mail: bellamanda (at) mac (dot) com

Amanda Bell is a professional member of the Irish Writers Centre, and a member of Haiku Ireland, the Hibernian Writers’ Group, Children’s Books Ireland, and the Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers. She completed a Masters in Poetry Studies in 2012. Her haikai, poetry and essays have been widely published and anthologised. She also writes for children.

Awards and Other Honors: Undercurrents (Alba Publishing, 2016) won second prize (joint) in the Haiku Society of America’s Kanterman Merit Book Award, and was shortlisted for a Touchstone Distinguished Books Award. First the Feathers (Doire Press, 2017) was shortlisted for a Shine Strong Award for best first collection published in 2017. The title poem won the Allingham Prize in 2015. 'Points' was shortlisted as Listowel Writers' Week Irish Poem of the Year in the Irish Book Awards 2017.

Books Published: First the Feathers (Doire Press, 2017); The Lost Library Book (The Onslaught Press, 2017); Undercurrents (Alba Publishing, 2016); The Lion Tamer Dreams of Office Work: An Anthology of Poetry by the Hibernian Writers (ed.) (Alba Publishing, 2015); Maurice Craig: Photographs (ed.), (Lilliput Press, 2011).

Selected Work
by spring sunshine –
magnolia buds
finally, snow!
the last of the grapes
so cold, so sweet
midsummer –
faded gorse flowers fatten
into seed
winter morning –
low sun on Sandymount
casts cockle shadows
another birthday –
September’s full moon fading
into sunrise
seafront darkened
by the city's long shadow
winter dusk

Credits: "loosened" - cattails (May 2015); Undercurrents (Alba Publishing, 2016); "midsummer" - cattails (September 2015); Undercurrents (Alba Publishing, 2016); "another birthday" - Blithe Spirit 25.4; Undercurrents (Alba Publishing, 2016); "finally, snow!" - Presence 57; Undercurrents (Alba Publishing, 2016); "winter morning" - cattails (January 2016); Undercurrents (Alba Publishing, 2016); "seafront darkened" - Presence 57; Undercurrents (Alba Publishing, 2016)

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