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Gabriel Bates

Gabriel Bates

Born: November 28 1995 in Pittsburg, Kansas, USA
Resides: Pittsburg, Kansas, USA
E-mail: gabrielbates95 (at) gmail (dot) com

Gabriel Bates is a contemporary poet living in southeast Kansas. His work has appeared in several publications, online and in print.

Books Published: Taking Flight (Misfitbooks Press, 2017); This Space Between Us (Alien Buddha Press, 2018); Only Whispers (Yavanika Press, 2018).

Selected Work
morning light
our peacoats hanging
side by side
first snowfall
after his memorial
the sound of crows
coming home
to no new messages
lingering rain
everywhere I go
ghost moon
gray clouds
the stumbling wasp
in a conifer
home alone
a friend calls me
by accident

Credits: "morning light" - Modern Haiku 48:2 (2017); "coming home" - Tinywords 17.2 (2017); "gray clouds" - The Heron's Nest XIX:1 (March 2017); "first snowfall" - Cattails (April 2017); "disappearing" - Cattails (October 2017); "home alone" - Frameless Sky 5 (2016); Taking Flight (Misfitbooks Press, 2017).

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