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Marita Gargiulo

Marita Gargiulo

Born: in Hartford Connecticut, USA
Resides: Hamden, Connecticut, USA
E-mail: mgmhcorno (at) yahoo (dot) com

Marita Gargiulo is a poet who grew up on the Connecticut shoreline. She is a member of the Yale Working Group in Contemporary Poetry, the Hamden Arts Commission, and the New Haven Chapter of the Connecticut Poetry Society. Marita began writing poetry in high school and found haiku as a student at MIT in the 70’s where she was an editor of a poetry magazine. With a PhD in biochemistry she has several publications in scientific journals, but would much rather write poetry. She organized a haiku night and contest with the Hamden Arts Commission and is focusing on a variety of “pan-artistic” projects and events that celebrate the expression of creativity in a variety of mediums. Her haiku have been published in Frogpond, bottle rockets and Modern Haiku. She plays classical piano and loves to sing, especially the blues. She is cofounder of the Connecticut Haiku Group.

Selected Work
hometown dime store...
counting out small
light snow         a thin excuse
in broken English
my uncle’s
card tricks
old lover
brings a bottle of wine
things I wanted to tell you
      in the cookie
birds in sea grass…
my fingers fondle
your arm hair

Credits: "hometown dime store" - bottle rockets #38 (2018); "in broken English" - Modern Haiku 48.1 (2017); "things I wanted to tell you" - bottle rockets #37 (2017); "light snow" - Frogpond 40.3 (2017); "old lover" - Full of Moonlight: Haiku Society of America Members' Anthology (2016); "birds in sea grass" - on down the road: Haiku Society of America Members' Anthology (2017).

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