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Precious Oboh

Precious Oboh

Born: December 04 1982, Nigeria
Resides: , Nigeria
E-mail: preciousoboh213 (at) gmai (dot) com

Precious Oboh is a passionate and creative Nigerian writer. He is a co-author of Escape Routes: How I Escape My Miserable Life. He has worked to poise himself to win the hearts of many with his poetry and in doing so has been deemed a dynamic poet to be recognized. His Free Verse, Japanese Short-Form Poetry (haiku), Senryu and Tanka is a revelation of his infinite thoughts. His work has been published in various reputable international journals such as Undertow Tanka Review, Frameless Sky, IndieAffair, The Heron's Nest, Failed Haiku, The Mamba: An African Haiku Journal, and Wild Plum Haiku. He's currently a member of United Haiku Tanka Society, U.S.A.

Awards and Other Honors: Honourable Mention, 5th Russia-Japan Haiku Contest (2016).

Selected Work
flowering quince―
a crow shakes off
flurries of snow
drifting smoke 
the shape of
my heart
monsoon cloud—
two neighbours by the fence 
chat about Palestine
morning dew 
filling the emptiness 
of a fallen leaf
King fisher 
glides to roost—
dusk over the ocean
over a bowl 
of pepper soup—
the winter moon

Credits: "flowering quince" - The Akita International Haiku Network; Honorable Mention, 5th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest (2016); "monsoon cloud" - Wild Plum (Spring and Summer, 2017); "King fisher" - The Heron's Nest XIX:1 (March 2017); "drifting smoke" - Under the Bashō [Modern Haiku Section] (November 2017); "morning dew" - Under the Bashō [Modern Haiku Section] (November 2017); "over a bowl" - Star Dust Haiku 8 (August 2017).

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