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Pere Risteski

Pere Risteski

Born: July 13 1977 in Struga, North Macedonia
Resides: Ohrid, North Macedonia
E-mail: pereristeski (at) yahoo (dot) com

Pere Risteski is a haiku poet from Ohrid, North Macedonia. He has published 11 books with haiku/senryu poetry and has won many prizes, recognitions and awards. He is a member of United Haiku and Tanka Society and President of the Macedonian Haiku Associaton.

Books Published:

Sin of the first love (2001); Wayside winds (2003); Embrace of the moment (2004); Еternal weekday (2005); Zen verse (2006); Impulse (2008); From east to west (2010); Saffron (2015).

Selected Work
the truce
with my shadow
the mezzo-soprano
of the owl
young moon
new morning
the horn
with the same song
full moon
my blank
i shift a moon with my breath
open-air cinema
the screen too big
for the firefly


"the truce" - Stardust Haiku Issue 49, Jan. 2021; "the mezzo-soprano"- failed haiku, Volume 6, Issue 62, Feb. 2021; "new morning" - The Blo͞o Outlier Journal #1, Dec. 2020); "full moon" - The 22th HIA Haiku Contest 2020, Honorable Mention; "midnight" - Autumn Moon Haiku Contest 2017, Honorable Mention; "open-air cinema" - finalist of International Competition for Haiku Poetry / Japanese Films in Valli Cinema, Pula, Croatia, 2020.

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