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Gail Oare

Gail Oare

Born: in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA
Resides: Valencia, Pennsylvania, USA
E-mail: gail (dot) oare (at) gmail (dot) com

Gail Oare is a retired science publishing executive. She writes fiction, nonfiction and poetry, and consults.

Selected Work
frigate in dry dock
the spider on the mainmast
hoists a moth
ripe corn
the summer secrets 
of raccoons
memorial day
the parade lengthens
by a new war
Labor Day
the grip of crust
on the grill
after the parade
the snapping latches
of trumpet cases
family gathering
arguing again about
world peace

Credits: "frigate in dry dock" - The Heron’s Nest XVIII:4 (December 2016); "memorial day" - Prune Juice 22 (July 2017); "after the parade" - Modern Haiku 48:3 (Fall 2017); "ripe corn" - Hedgerow 110 (Spring 2017); "Labor Day" - Failed Haiku 2:21 (September 2017); "family gathering" - Failed Haiku 1:2 (February 2016).

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