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Nancy Rapp

Nancy Rapp

Born: in St. Louis Missouri, USA
Resides: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
E-mail: nancy (dot) a (dot) rapp (at) gmail (dot) com

I was introduced to haiku through a children's book called Cool Melons--Turn to Frogs!: The Life and Poems of Issa by Matthew Gollub. I love that haiku connects poets, past and present, near and far, with the moments that make us human.

Selected Work
church window
in the distant sunlight
monarch wings
the wasp and I
trapped inside
tax forms
in pink and gold clouds
a half moon rises
morning yoga
balancing in tree pose
a song sparrow's trill
sound of rain
through chestnut leaves
a blackbird's song
downy woodpecker
measuring the pine
in bird feet

Credits: "church window" - cattails (May 2016); "sundown" - cattails (September 2016); "sound of rain" - cattails (September 2016); "the wasp and I" - The Heron's Nest XIX:2 (June 2017); "morning yoga" - Akitsu Quarterly (Fall 2017); "downy woodpecker" - Akitsu Quarterly (Fall 2017).

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