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Denis M. Garrison

Denis M. Garrison

Born: 1946 in Hampton Iowa, USA
Resides: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
E-mail: dmg (at) themetpress (dot) com

Denis M. Garrison was born in Iowa. He spent most of his childhood in Japan and his youth in Europe, North Africa, and the western Pacific. He has worn many hats in a varied life: sailor, airman, mechanic, electrician, debt collector, sporting goods salesman, quality control technician, boiler-room operator, bureaucrat, small businessman, priest, poet, editor and publisher. Garrison now lives near Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay with his lovely wife, Deborah. In the 1970s, Garrison edited Towson University’s literary magazine and taught creative writing for Johns Hopkins University’s Free University. He has edited numerous poetry journals, notably, Haiku Harvest (2000-2006) and Modern English Tanka (2006-2009), and currently edits Ambrosia: Journal of Fine Haiku and Concise Delight Magazine of Short Poetry. His poetry is published in many print and online journals and in several anthologies.

Awards and Other Honors: I do not enter poetry competitions. When a reader lets me know that a poem of mine has moved them, I am honored and gratified. Mentions and recommendations in the poetry press are gratefully received as gifts.

Books Published: Port of Call and Other Poems (The Caliban Press, Baltimore MD 1975); Eight Shades of Blue: Haiku (Lulu Press, Morrisville NC 2005); Three Odd Tales (Lulu Press, Morrisville, NC 2005); The Brink at Logan Pond (Lulu Press, Morrisville NC 2005); Hidden River: Haiku (Modern English Tanka Press, Baltimore MD 2006); Sailor in the Rain and Other Poems (Modern English Tanka Press, Baltimore MD 2007); Fire Blossoms: The Birth of Haiku Noir (Modern English Tanka Press, Baltimore MD 2008); and First Winter Rain: Selected Tanka from 2006–2010 (Modern English Tanka Press, Baltimore MD 2010). I have edited a number of other titles including five anthologies.

Selected Work
plowed fields—
an irrigator sends up
drifting rainbows
red pagoda
in swirling snow
the muffled gong
seashore pines
twisted by the wind—
a sandpiper’s nest
huddled herd—
their breath rises
and drifts
last year’s
new rail fence—
grey in a still dawn
by the dyer’s hut
eight shades of blue

Credits: "plowed fields" - Trilopia (Spring 2007); "seashore pines" - Wisteria (April 2006); "last year’s" - Lynx (June 2006); "red pagoda" - Poetry in the Light (2001); "huddled herd" - Roadrunner VI:2 (2006); "snowdrifts" - Poetry in the Light (2001).

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