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Dr. Ignatius Fay

Dr. Ignatius Fay

Born: March 30 1950 in Sudbury Ontario, Canada
Resides: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
E-mail: ifay (at) vianet (dot) ca

Trained and once employed as an Invertebrate Paleontologist, I was sidelined many years ago by congenital lung/heart diseases. My life's work now is doing what is necessary to extend my time on the planet. As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the English language. Thus, when introduced to haiku about 20 years ago, the fit felt natural. I love the stripped down format, devoid of all excess verbal and emotional 'noise,' to get at the kernel of observation—and just how much can be communicated in so few words.

Awards and Other Honors: Second Prize, World Haiku Competition (2010); Honourable Mention, World Haiku Review (August, 2010); Haiku of Merit [Shintai Category], World Haiku Review (August, 2010]; Winner, The Shiki Monthly Kukai [Free Format] (January 2013).

Books Published: Haiga Moments: Pens and Lens [with photographer/friend, Ray Belcourt] (2008); Points In Between: An Anecdotal History (, 2011); Breccia [a collection of haiku and related forms in collaboration with Irene Golas] (, 2012).

Selected Work
avoiding eye contact
with his gay brother
spring prom
asking Dad for advice
on garter belts
cool March breeze—
between faded tea towels
her frayed pink bra
store window
my daughter’s posture
mimics my own
stakes for the peas—
letting my subconscious
work it out
the dog and I
on the moonlit dock
scratching bug bites

Credits: "mid-January" - Haiku Canada Member's Anthology 2010; "cool March breeze" - The Heron's Nest XI:2 (2009); " stakes for the peas" - Mayfly 53 (2012); "spring prom" - Daily Haiku (March 10–16, 2013); "store window" – Winner, The Shiki Monthly Kukai [Free Format] (January 2013); "the dog and I" - The Heron's Nest XI:3 (2009).

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