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Ito (Juanito Escareal)

Ito (Juanito Escareal)

Born: May 03 1946 in Catbalogan Samar, Philippines
Resides: Hercules, California, USA
E-mail: jescareal (at) yahoo (dot) com

Juanito ‘s introduction to haiku began in 1997 when he discovered the Shiki Haiku Salon via the internet. In 1999 he joined the Fuyoh haiku group based in Japan and was a member of the group until 2007. He regularly submitted haiku to his sensei, Dhugal Lindsay, for publication in Fuyoh/Rose Mallow, the quarterly haiku magazine co-edited by Dhugal and Yoko Sugawa. Juanito's haiku were also published in the following e-zines and/or publications: edge of light: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2003; World Haiku Review’s Treetops; The Heron's Nest; Simply Haiku; Poetry in the Light; temps libres; and Buddha's Temple. A rengay, "Talons in the Chimney," in collaboration with Ferris Gilli and Peggy Willis Lyles, was published in Chiyo's Corner III:1 (2001) won 1st place Rengay/Renku for work from Volume 2; and was also published in the 2001 Red Moon Anthology. Another rengay, "A Row of Orange Mushrooms," in collaboration with Lori Laliberte-Carey, was published in Poetry in the Light December 2001 issue. A renku "New Straw", in collaboration with Ferris Gilli and Peggy Willis Lyles, was published in 2001 Lynx XVI:2; and "Summer Breeze”, with Betty Kaplan and Sue Mill, was published in Lynx (1999). A tanka appeared in in the ship's wake: a tanka anthology (2000) edited by Brian Tasker.

Awards and Other Honors: Honorable mention in the 2007 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival; supplementary prize in the 2005 Hoshi-to-Mori International Tanka Contest (Juanito attended the award ceremony on July 24, 2005, in Tokyo, Japan); a prize in the 2005 Spirits Up! World Wide Hekinan Haiku Contest; runner-up in the 2004 Kamakura Shrine One Verse Competition's English Section; member of the Pointed Radishes team that won the 2002 First Global Haiku Tournament sponsored by the World Haiku Club; placed in the 2000 World Haiku Festival Anthology competition; first place in the 2000 WHC-Charnwood Arts haikuWORKS kukai; shared first place with nine other entries in the 1999 Annual People's International Haiku and Senryu Contest; and honorable mention in the 1998 Ito-en New Haiku Contest.

Selected Work
morning stillness . . .
the old cat emerges from
a pile of leaves
night deepens—
a lone cricket changes
the song's pitch
Earth Day Festival
a Painted Lady flits from
cosmos to cosmos
is it Zen
to be an escape artist?
a tail-less Lizard
cumulus clouds—
a dove puffs its feathers
after the rain
over the city dump
Harvest Moon

Credits: "morning stillness" - Fuyoh/Rose Mallow 72 (2007); "Earth Day Festival" - Fuyoh/Rose Mallow 66 (2005); "cumulus clouds" - Fuyoh/Rose Mallow 52 (2002); "night deepens" - Fuyoh/Rose Mallow 47 (2001); "is it Zen" - Fuyoh/Rose Mallow 59 (2004); "glowing" - Fuyoh/Rose Mallow 41 (1999).

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