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Johnette Downing

Johnette Downing

Born: 1962 Louisiana, USA
Resides: New Orleans, Louisiana
E-mail: johnette (at) johnettedowning (dot) com

Cofounder of the New Orleans Haiku Society, Johnette Downing is a multi-award winning children's book author, musician and poet.

Awards and Other Honors: Haiku International Association Honorable Mention Award, six Parents' Choice Awards, four iParenting Media Awards, four National Parenting Publication Awards, Family Choice Award, Family Review Center Award, Imagination Award and City Business Women of the Year Award.

Books Published: Today Is Monday in Louisiana (Pelican Publishing, 2006); Down in Louisiana (Pelican Publishing, 2007); My Aunt Came Back from Louisiana (Pelican Publishing, 2008); Chef Creole (Pelican Publishing, 2009); Today is Monday in Texas (Pelican Publishing, 2010); Why the Crawfish Lives in the Mud (Pelican Publishing, 2010); Katrina-ku, Storm Poems, New Orleans Haiku Society (Magnolia2 Press, 2006).

Selected Work
old ladies
under hair dryers
Nicaraguan night
I translate
the dog's bark
dishwater sky
we walk through
the rinse cycle
her eyelids
as I close them
polka dots
farther apart
at the hips
snow in the bend of the branch
I let him
be right

Credits: "dandelions" - bottle rockets 9:1 [#17] (2007); seed packets: an anthology of flower haiku [ed., Stanford M. Forrester] (bottle rockets press, 2010); "dishwater sky" – Frogpond 33:1 (2010); "polka dots" – Frogpond 30:1 (2007); "Nicaraguan night" – Frogpond 30:3 (2007); "thinness" – Frogpond 31:2 (2008); "snow in the bend of the branch" - bottle rockets 11:2 [#22] (2010).

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