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Marje A. Dyck

Marje A. Dyck

Born: in Hanley Saskatchewan, Canada
Resides: Saskatchewan, Canada
E-mail: mauvejazz (at) sasktel (dot) net

Marje A. Dyck is a poet, artist and photographer. She has been writing haiku since l986. Her work has appeared in various Canadian and American anthologies and journals (print and online), such as: Frogpond, Simply Haiku, Raw Nervz, The Heron's Nest, Ambrosia, moonset, Wisteria, Cicada, Northwest Literary Forum, Hummingbird, South by Southeast, Haiku Canada Review, Japan Air Lines Anthology (1988), to name a few. Her tanka have appeared in Atlas Poetica, Modern English Tanka, Five Lines Down (2008), Ribbons, Ash Moon Anthology, gusts, and Wind Five Folded. Four of her haiku have appeared in Carpe Diem: Canadian Anthology of Haiku (Borealis Press, 2008). Her short stories, articles, and poems have been published in Grain, Prairie Fire, Folklore, Western People, Freelance, Harvest, Freefall, In Medias Res (University of Saskatchewan writers journal), and online in Loch Raven Review. Her ink drawings can be found on the covers of Haiku Canada Review and Haiku Canada Anthologies, in The Heron's Nest (2007), on the cover of Ribbons (summer 2007) and in moonset, where she served as artist in residence for two years. Marje spends her summers at Dore Lake in northern Saskatchewan and part of her winters in Arizona, USA, where she has developed a love for the austerity of desert places and old, rugged mountains. She has been a writer at heart since she began to read, and finds the creative process (writing, painting or doing photography) one of the high points of her life.

Awards and Other Honors: Honorable Mention, the Betty Drevniok Award (l999); Third Prize, the Saskatchewan Writer's Guild short story contest (for her story "Sticks n' Stones"); Winner, Woodnotes haibun contest (1996); Winner, "Lanterns On the Lake" haiku contest in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Books Published: rectangle of light (proof press, Aylmer, Quebec Canada, Dorothy Howard, ed., 1996); A Piece of the Moon (Calisto Press, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 2005); Still Blue Water (Calisto Press, 2012).

Selected Work
clatter of palm fronds
a lemon-slice
tundra swans
in the mist
in the long cool evening
the sound of geese leaving
shadows shifting
over the reed bed
dark     light
distant glimmer
of  a beach fire—
autumn moonrise
between hills
the shimmering heat—
reedy duck voices

Credits: "clatter of palm fronds" - Frogpond XXX:1 (2007); " jazz" - The Heron's Nest IV:5 (2002); Carpe Diem: Canadian Anthology of Haiku (Borealis Press, 2008); "distant glimmer" - The Heron's Nest IV:4 (2002); "tundra swans" - The Heron's Nest V:7 (2003); "shadows shifting" - Honorable Mention, the Betty Drevniok Award (l999); "between hills" - The Heron's Nest IV:7 (2002).

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