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Marius Chelaru

Marius Chelaru

Born: August 30 1961 in Negresti Vaslui County
Resides: Iaşi, Romania
E-mail: marius (dot) 1961 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Marius Chelariu--pen name, Chelaru--worked as the editor/director of some cultural magazines or publishing houses from Iaşi, Romania. He is Secretary of The Magazines and Publications Association from Europe etc. He is also a member in the editorial board of several newspapers and magazines. He has contributed with articles, poems, essays, literary criticism, prose, translations, interviews, book-reviews in various international anthologies, and in magazines/ journals from Romania and abroad. He has published haiku, articles about haiku, and haiku book reviews in various magazines from Romania, Ireland, Austria, Japan etc.

Awards and Other Honors: Only for literary contributions other than haiku.

Books Published: Some of his published work includes: Pelerinul/ The Pilgrim [poems] (Junimea Publishing House, Iasi, Romania, 1996); Doua Kakemono închipuite din Tara unde înfloreste spiritul limbii/ Two Imaginary Kakemono from the Country where blossoming the spirit of language [essay] (Timpul, Iasi, Romania, 1996); Japonia, ţara unde înfloreşte spiritul limbii/ Japan, the Country where blossoming the spirit of language [haiku and tanka poems] (Timpul, 1996); Femei/ Woman [poems] (Junimea, 1997); Other suicide manner/ Alt fel de sinucidere [poems] (Junimea, Iasi, 1998); Chiriasul timpului/ The Time Renter [poems] (Timpul, Iasi, 1999); Amantii iluziei/ The Illusion's Lovers [poems] (Timpul, 1999); La descălecatul prezentului/ At present coming [poems] (Sakura, 2000); Sayōnara [haiku, Romanian/English edition] (Iasi, 2000); Tai Ping [novel] (Universitas XXI Publishing House, Iasi, 2001); Abraham şi muntele nebun sau lumea lui AltFaust/ Abraham and The Crazy Mountain or The life of OtherFaust [novel] (Parnas Publishing House, Iasi, 2001); Jihād. Face of God in the Mirror of the Holy War [essay] (Timpul, Iasi, 2004); The Book between East and West [vol. I, critics, essay] (Timpul, Iasi, 2004); The Book between East and West, vol. II (2005); The Poetry of Orient from Khayyam to Tagore [vol I, critics, essay] (Cultural Foundation Poezia/ Poetry, Iasi, 2005); The Poetry of Orient from Khayyam to Tagore South-East Asia, vol II., critics, essay] (Cultural Foundation Poezia, Iasi, 2005); When the present settles down [poems – in English] (English version: Olimpia Iacob, Timpul, Iasi, 2006); The Book between East and West (vol. III, 2006); With soul on the lips [critic essays about Albanian language writers] (Timpul, Iasi, 2006); History and poetry in Arabian culture [critic essays] (Cultural Foundation Poezia, Iasi, 2006); The Poetry from the Orient. Classic and Modern [critic essays] (Timpul, Iasi, 2008); Simfonia-a singurmiljei / Simfonijata na osamenosta/ The Symphony of Loneliness [poems, bilingual edition: aromanian – Macedonian, translations: Vanghea Mihanj-Steryu, Dru{tvo na pisateli I umetnici Vlasi od Makedonijam, Scopia, Republic of Macedonia/The Publishing House of The Aromanian Writers Society from Macedonia, 2008); Culoarea tăcerii/ Colour of the silence [haibun, together with Cristina Rusu] (Cultural Foundation Poezia, Iasi, 2008); baladë përditshmërie (quotidian ballade) [poetry, edition in Albanian language, translation: Baki Ymeri, book editor: Sali Bashota (Prishtina, Kosova), cover – with painting by Miradije Ramiqi (Kosovo)] (Cultural Foundation Poezia, in cooperation with Cultural Union of Albanians from Romania, 2008); despre iluzie şi discrepanţă/ sobre illusion y discrepancia/ about illusion and discrepancy [poems, edition trilingual: Romanian – Spanish – English; translations: Daniela Andronache] (Cultural Foundation Poezia, Iasi, 2009); Nahoa shifah el-Smaa (Spre buzele cerului/ Towards the lips of the sky [poems, edition in Arabic, Arabic version: Munir Mezyed, preface: Mahmoud Fahmi Amer (Qatar, Palestine), cover: paint by Ibrahim Ghazala (Egipt)] (2009).

Selected Work
dead cherry blossoms
swallows crying
in the clouds
a horse in rain
all around just cars—
highway in summer
in my room
among books     me and the dust
winter evening
a hoarfrost pearl
presses the dead flower—
even autumn dies
summer evening—
the dog drinks from the plash
all the stars
on the silent lake—
the reddish leaf
run away from autumn

Credits: Chrysanthemum (Vienna, Austria), Shamrock (Ireland), WHA Anthology 2006-2010 (Japan).

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