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Arkady Elterman

Arkady Elterman

Born: January 17 1959 in Moscow, Russia
Resides: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
E-mail: elterman (at) gmail (dot) com

Arkady wrote a few haiku as an experiment. His work appeared in Frogpond, Modern Haiku, The Heron's Nest, and Snapshots.

Selected Work
Easter lily
gracefully passing by
the barcode scanner
early autumn
the little girl next door
turns forty today
distant lightning
followed by the sound
of a cricket
same tired face
between the curtains
full moon
where the school bus comes from
the edge of the winter night
turns yellow
on the way from work—
one by one, the streetlights
go out

Credits: "Easter lily" - Modern Haiku; "distant lightning" - The Heron's Nest 2:10 (2000); "where the school bus comes from" - Frogpond 22:2 (1999); "early autumn" - The Heron's Nest 2:11 (2000); "same tired face" - Snapshots; " on the way from work" - Frogpond 23:1 (2000).

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