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Matthew Caretti

Matthew Caretti

Born: April 23 1969 in Reading Pennsylvania, USA
Resides: , Malaysia
E-mail: carettim (at) gmail (dot) com

Influenced in equal parts by his study of German language and literature, by his Zen training in the East, and by the approach of the Beat writers, Matthew’s work has appeared in numerous print and online journals, as well as Contemporary Haibun, something out of nothing: 75 haiga, The Sacred in Contemporary Haiku and other anthologies.

Awards and Other Honors:

Snapshot Press eChapbook Award, Harvesting Stones (2017, winner); Fujisan International Haiku Contest, that old photobook (2016, special recognition), he casts into (2016, shortlisted); Genjuan International Haibun Contest, The Great South Gate (2016 Cottage Prize)The Heron’s Nest Award, he casts into (2016) and Touchstone Award for Individual Haiku; Special Recognition, Fujisan Haiku Contest (2014); and The Heron’s Nest Award (September 2015); Honorable Mention for Renunciation, Genjuan International Haibun Contest (2014); That Which Binds Us selected for Broadsided’s Haiyan Response special feature (2014); Winner, Broadsided Haiku-Year-in-Review Contest (2012).

Selected Work
just shy 
of her gaze
my courage
he casts his line into the first peal of thunder
pigeon feathers            
soften the sidewalk
homeless camp
breakfast tea 
the common starling’s 
uncommon song
year of the horse
hauling the burdens
of my father
with each scribbled word
snow on the porch


"just shy" - Mayfly 57 (2014); "pigeon feathers" - Modern Haiku 45:3 (2014); "year of the horse" - Presence 52 (2015); "he casts" - The Heron’s Nest XVII:3 [Editors' Choice/The Heron's Nest Award] (September 2015); "breakfast tea" - A Hundred Gourds 4:4 (September 2015); "accumulation" - Frogpond 36:3 (2013).

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